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Oil Filled Voltage Transformer

ITEC VTO voltage transformers utilize high permeability, grain oriented
silicon steel cores designed to optimize the performance and physical size
of the transformer.

The transformer tanks and expansion chambers are manufacturered from mild
steel and finished with the latest powder coating technology to withstand
the most rigorous environmental conditions. The standard finish color is
ANSI 70 light gray. Stainless steel is available as an option for corosive
and contaminated enviroments.

All VTO’s are hermetically sealed, full vacuum assemblies provided with a
dry nitrogen cushion.

One piece, wet process porcelain bushings are used on all ITEC oil filled
transfomers. Bushings are design to exceed the IEEE standards for creep and
strike distances. The standard bushing color is ANSI 70 light gray.

VTO’s are designed to provide 0.3% accuracy class at IEEE burdens of W, X,
M, Y, Z and ZZ. High Accuracy 0.15 class designs are available at W,X,M, Y
and Z burdens.

Applications include revenue metering, protection and control, power
quality and monitoring.

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