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We are a leading manufacturer of dry and oil-filled, custom engineered Instrument Transformers.

ITEC is located in the Charlotte / Monroe area of North Carolina. We are leading manufacturers and instrument transformer suppliers of top-quality products for the electrical and electric utility industries in the United States and for export. ITEC is an original equipment manufacturer of instrument transformer products divided into two application areas; revenue metering and protective relaying. ITEC offers a broad variety of product designs well suited for voltage transformer and current transformer service areas. ITEC also offers various support and technical services relating to the application and in-service needs for instrument transformer products. We are instrument transformers suppliers who use highly cost competitive technology in all areas to produce products that are technologically competitive to others available in today’s market.

ITEC continues to expand its product and service offering for original designs of instrument transformers from selected 600 volt through 230 kV units. Additionally, ancillary equipment such as external bushing current transformers suitable for use up to 765 kV apparatus is available from ITEC. Our company offers some of the best dry, molded and oil-filled products for application from generation through transmission and sub-transmission to distribution systems. We provide a range of support services are also available including repair and selected testing activities (per IEEE STD C57.13 Latest revision) of instrument transformer products.

ITEC is made up almost completely of long term, seasoned manufacturing and professional staff skilled in the art of design, manufacturing and testing of instrument transformers. Our people joined forces because of a common desire to rebuild a core group of skills relating to instrument transformer products. Our company is controlled by a respected group of professionals, all of whom are considered to be strong in their respective fields of engineering, sales, manufacturing, and management.

Practically all of the ITEC management and staff are reliable, seasoned professionals from the instrument transformer industry. This core cadre of on-site skilled personnel have over 300 man years of experience. Our people understand the subtleties of electrical apparatus construction, molding, oil processing and customer service. Our people also have a penchant for quality standards and the craftsmanship needed to achieve the long term service life required by electrical products.

We the people of ITEC, want to thank our customers for their business and continued support, because it is your needs we strive to satisfy with top-quality, fast service and custom work.

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We are a leading manufacturer of dry and oil-filled, custom engineered Instrument Transformers.